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Para Grande

Book House

The house was built to be 2 giant stacks of books with copper spines & covers, and brass pages on the exterior. The titles are etched into the copper chemically, and are all authored by the owner. The interior design is consistent with and continues the theme of the entire project.

Upper Garden Street, Santa Barbara

Originally designed in the 1950's by Thorton Ladd ( architect of the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena), and modified a few times in the 70’s and 80’s.  Most of the house, including the roof, doors, windows, and all exterior and interior finishes were taken back to the framing.  The extensive built-in cabinets are all teak and there are approximately 40 feet of 9-foot tall teak wall paneling, with veneers architecturally sequenced and matched.  The unbelievably sexy Italian cabinetry in the kitchen was furnished by the owner and installed by us. All interior doors as well, as the entry door, are three-foot by eight-foot solid core teak veneered and hung on custom solid bronze pivot hinges. The existing jade green marble terrazzo floors were saved, brought back, and continued in the new portions of the house.  The fifty 4x6 rectangular tube steel columns that extend 2 stories on the exterior of the house are a very precise architectural and structural.  All windows and sliding glass exterior doors in the house were replaced and reconfigured with new custom-made powder coated steel frame windows.  The sauna was gutted and rebuilt completely.  Behind a new black aluminum roll up door is the pool house cabinetry in teak.  The curving, full-round mahogany hand rail at the entry stairs was saved, extended and reinstalled after the curving plaster stem walls were extended to conform to code.  At the head of the stairs is a floating teak and glass bookcase.

Franceschi Road, Santa Barbara

A beautiful addition to and remodel of Mediterranean residence nestled on the North side of the Riviera foothills, adjacent to Franceschi Park. The two-story wing connected to the existing living room by a vestibule with french doors at either wall, creating a nicely day-lit bridge from the living room with its new fireplace and rearranged wood casement windows, to the vaulted hallway with its spiral stair, full bath, and large open-beamed room.  The lower level is partially subterranean and consists of a full height storage room, the spiral stairwell, and the door to the remodeled studio with full bath that is also semi-subterranean.

American Riviera Bank, Montecito

We provided all of the interior trim work, including the door & window trim, mantel & fireplace surround, wainscottings, coffered ceiling, staircase, balustrade, and handrail. We also custom-built the conference table, desks, and all cabinetry.

Argonne Kitchen

Garden Street, Santa Barbara

Sea Meadows Condo, Montecito

A complete interior remodel in which we moved walls, expanded rooms, and custom-designed cabinets, as well as built decorative and furnishing elements, resulting in a whole new living experience.

Piano House

This Tea Fire rebuild was built for the same author & owner of the Book Building, who is also a Pianist, this house is piano-shaped and the theme continues from the exterior details down throughout the interior. The building itself is curved and amoeba-shaped. It's walls and roof are constructed entirely of concrete. The walls are grouted CMU and the roof is poured in place concrete. The entire roof perimeter has an integral curving gutter and downspout system. Western and Southern views are brought into the home with window walls of floor to ceiling glass. There are grand piano-shaped motifs repeated in many places. The massive skylight in the living room is grand piano-shaped as is it's copper clad, wind, fire, and rain activated lid. The entry doors are of solid cast bronze bas relief panels, which were custom-sculpted by the owner.

Long Canyon Treehouse, Santa Ynez

Our client wanted to build his granddaughter a tree house and a Tree house is what we built. We built it up and around an existing tree being sure to keep the tree intact and to intertwine it with our design. It took a lot of skilled craftsmanship to get the correct angles, and it was done beautifully. We polished it off with a spiral staircase, a tree swing, and a flag. 8�Wݲ>

Mercato Di Vetro, West Hollywood

Kornbluth Olive Wood

Our client, and fellow contractor, came to our shop with an Olive log that he harvested from his 110-year-old orchard of 64 trees that was destroyed in the Jesusita Fire, along with their home, and wanted to use the wood for their home rebuild. We milled the wood, dried it, and made it into all the cabinets in the house, along with hickory & pecan casework where we needed sheet goods. We also fabricated all of the beams in the shop as well as designed and fabricated all the interior doors of American Cherry, and hung them in Hickory & Pecan jambs.

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American Riviera Bank

We provided all of the interior trim work, including door and window trim, mantel and fireplace surround, wainscotting, coffered ceiling, staircase, balustrade and handrail.

Book House

A remarkable house built to look like a stack of books!

Adler Remodel

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Kornbluth Olivewood

Olive wood harvested from a 110-year-old orchard destroyed in the Jesusita Fire used to rebuild the home of the owner.

Piano House

The piano theme is carried throughout this amazing home - down to every last detail!

Tree House

A Tree House for a very special little girl, from the imagination of her grandfather.

Mercato di Vetro

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Sea Meadows Condo Remodel

A complete interior remodel in which we moved walls, expanded rooms, and custom-designed cabinets, as well as built decorative and furnishing elements, resulting in a whole new living experience.