The Piano House

Built for the same author & owner of the Book Building (see the Book Building here,) who is also a Pianist, this house is Piano Shaped and the theme continues from the exterior details down throughout the interior ones details as well. This Tea Fire Rebuild is aptly names "The Piano house" The building itself is curved and amoeba shaped. It's walls and roof are constructed entirely of concrete. The walls are grouted CMU and the roof is poured in place concrete. The entire roof perimeter has an integral curving gutter and downspout system. Western and Southern views are brought into the home with window walls of floor to ceiling glass. There are grand piano shaped motifs repeated in many placed. The massive skylight in the living room is grand piano shaped as is it's copper clad, wind, fire, and rain activated lid. The entry doors are of solid cast bronze bas relief panels, which were custom sculpted by the owner.

Remodeling and Home Design